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We do Designing for Control, Protection & Automation Panels, Panels in: Substations, Process Industries, Power Plants, SCADA Engineering, Protection Setting Calculation

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Testing and Commissioning

IED Configuration, IED Testing and commissioning is our Major work. IED Logic Configuration, Goose Configuration , Testing and etc,...

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Power System Studies

We do IED Study, Scheme Review, Protection Setting analysis, Setting Calculation and Short circuit Analysis

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We provide training for Electrical Panel Designing, Protection Relay Programming, Testing & Commissioning Trainings, PLC& SCADA Software Training

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Power - Automation

Remote Terminal Units (RTU) engineering for IO Interface, Communication and Logic building. Programmable Logic Controller / Distributed Control Systems units engineering of IO Interface, Communication and Logic building.

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Protection Equipments, Instumentation equipments, Process Devices and etc,...

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